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Van Gogh and Nuenen

Ton de Brouwer

First Edition in English

I dedicate this book to my dear deceased wives
Miek († 1990) and Jacqueline († 2013)
and for their sympathy with my Van Gogh hobby.


Vincent van Gogh. Lane of Poplars, Nuenen 1885.

Van Gogh and Nuenen is published by Creative Storytellers, a division of Stichting Endangered Child (The Endangered Child Foundation), a charitable organization registered in The Netherlands.

The Endangered Child Foundation is an independent commission dedicated to finding realistic and practical solutions for the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless and otherwise endangered children, especially those trafficked by transnational crime syndicates. We also gather and analyze empirical information and data for all those who have committed their lives to combatting child trafficking and exploitation, and help coalesce the efforts of those who advocate for disavowed and forsaken children everywhere.

Creative Storytellers is one of the primary tools we use to fund our Foundation’s work. Net profits from the publishing of books, digital products, programs, or other media are applied directly to our advocacy for homeless and otherwise endangered children. If you purchased this book, thank you for doing your part in helping forsaken kids. If not, please consider buying a book for a friend or family member. It can really make a difference.

It saddens me to think that so much of the strife that exists in the world today stems from the evaporation of one basic trait—human kindness. I hope some kids out there in the cold, alone, in despair, and unsure of who they are or what the future holds, will somehow discover that there are still people in the world who actually care, and who are trying to find ways to help them … to connect. If they find us, we will listen, and we will help. And we will never discard them.

But we need more and more good people with the courage to step forward and help us make a real difference, even for just one endangered child. I can’t think of a better legacy for anyone to leave. One person CAN make a difference. I hope you, the reader, will be one of them.

~ David A. Glen
Publisher & Managing Director